One Day in Cochem

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Cochem, Germany, on the Mosel River

On May 18th, 2002, Ulla and I drove south to Cochem from Düsseldorf, about 75 miles, or 120km.
Cochem is on the Mosel River, which is a major wine-growing area. There's also a beautifully restored
castle there. We went to check out the wine, the views, the castle, and the history of
what turned out to be a fascinating town. On the following pages, you'll see what we found.

We stayed in a vintner's house in Ernst, about 10 minutes from Cochem. All of these pictures
were taken on May 19th, when we explored the entire town from a lot of different angles.

There are three different pages: Sesselbahn, Cochem Castle, and Cochem, Cond and Ernst.

The pages and the pictures are presented in the order the pictures were taken. I have reduced the
pictures to 80% of their original size, then compressed them by 40% in .jpg format for quick
presentation on the web.

While the thumbnails are downloading you can click on any of them to view a photo.

I hope you enjoy Cochem as much as we did!

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