When "Bad" precedes a German city name, like Bad Homburg, Bad Godesburg or Bad Kissingen, that means that these cities and towns are where people go to take a break. Or what Germans refer to as a "cure". In English, such towns are called "spas"

Bad Münstereifel is one of the first places in northern Europe where the Romans used water incredibly effectively to provide for drinking, sanitation, agriculture, and, well, for just relaxing. This is evident as you look around the center of this city and see the way water was designed to flow. It is also evident when you look around the city and realize that it is entirely enclosed and was protected by a castle for a reason

The wealth of Bad Münstereifel was not in its gold, but in its water and in its exquisite 2000 year old plumbing system

Note how the city is built around the flow of water

Note also the earthquake bolts on the sides of the brick and stone buildings that appear as large "S"'s on the facades. In the eighth picture on this page the earthquake bolts spell out "1674"

May 20, 2002

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James A. Girard